Who We Are

FreshStart Visions (FSV) was founded in 2016 by Tim Terry. FSV was formed as a non-profit organization that will serve returning citizens. Our outside program is located in North Charleston and our inside program, Men In Transition (M.I.T.), is a 16-week course focusing on character traits that employers have told us that they value.

Our Mission

We are a Christian non-profit organization helping returning citizens transform their lives as they transition into society.

Our Core Beliefs

Everyone is created in the image of God and has unique gifts and talents;

Everyone is a steward of their God-given resources;

Everyone has shortcomings and needs help.

We want to work with returning citizens to develop their God-given gifts and talents. We also want to help them to use their gifts and talents to help themselves, others and society as a whole. They can make a positive difference in the world. Lastly, but not least important, we want to help them identify their past wounds and find the right resources to heal their hurts. Everyone needs help.

Our Expectations

Our outside program is designed to help residents achieve four goals:

  1. The ability to find and hold a job

  2. The ability to manage their money and demonstrate budgeting skills

  3. The ability to manage their time wisely to achieve goals

  4. The ability to manage relationships with Themself, God,others and their environment

When our residents are accepted into our outside program, they will be required to take classes to help them master these skills. We want them to succeed.

Our outside program will provide housing, transportation, mentoring and access to medical, dental and counseling professionals. Our residents will also have a case manager to help them develop a plan to transition into society within 18 months.

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