FreshStart in 2021

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

We at FreshStart Visions have started on a positive note filled with new hope for our men in transition.

For those of you who have previously supported our efforts in helping the men of FreshStart Visions transform their lives - Thank You! Your care and contribution is making a difference. Here are some of our men that you are helping: Charles, Cole, David, Abdul, Rodney, James, and Phillip. The men in the picture above were excited at the opportunity to volunteer for a local ministry, Water Mission, during their fundraising event “Walk for Water.” Our residents witnessed the power of “paying it forward” and experienced how good it felt to help others! FSV knows that volunteering for others and giving back, helps build community. When our residents focus on our 5 Keys to success, their thinking changes and expands. FSV Five keys to success:

Finding / Keeping a job Budgeting money / setting goals Building a positive support team Learning how to have fun God's way. Developing a transition plan Today you can help our residents transform their lives as they transition from incarceration to independence. I am inviting you to join our Monthly Donors -- a monthly giving program that helps Freshstart Visions grow and support more men in the years to come.FSV will send you a special gift as an appreciation for helping us move forward and grow! Your ongoing monthly contribution will: Help Transport men to work, church, and places they need for support every week Give them a safe, clean place to live Make sure they have food, hygiene and clothing when released from prison By joining the Monthly Donors Community, you will make a significant impact on FSV without hurting your monthly budget! When a lot of people give a little each month, it changes the focus of our fund raising. Our goal is to build a solid core of Monthly Donors who give $20, $30, or other amount monthly, which in turn will exponentially change our financial ability to support our programs and ultimately, change lives. Become a Monthly Donor member today and enjoy: The knowledge that your donation is put to work immediately. Monthly updates on the difference your dollars are making. Hassle-free automatic monthly donations from your credit or debit card The ability to change or suspend your donations at any time. Complete statements provided for tax purposes. The joy of knowing that you’re changing someone’s life. As you reflect on the difference you want to make in the world, please remember Freshstart Visions men need you! With your gift of just $25, $50, or $100 a month you will truly see men’s lives transform while they transition back to our community. Can FreshStart Visions count on you today? Our Prayer : Lord we truly thank you for giving so many people the heart to help our men transform their lives while transitioning back into our communities ! We ask that you bless them and their families as well. Amen

Let me thank you in advance for your caring and contributions, Tim Terry Executive Director P.S. Every gift will help men transform their lives - whether a monthly commitment or a one-time gift.

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