Looking back

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

Thanks to many generous donors, the adult men who transitioned from prison to our reentry facility have received training and education while incarcerated through our inside Men in Transition classes.

Here are some of our greatest recent successes:

  • Several graduates transitioned to independent living or were restored with their families and moved back home!

  • Every man who came to FSV in 2020 obtained employment above minimum wage.

  • Every resident and staff member has remained COVID free.

  • Three minivans were donated for transporting residents to and from work.

  • Many residents received their driver’s license while at FSV and became drivers for the ministry.

  • Two men completed our S.T.O.R. (Skilled Trade Opportunity for Reentry) program in partnership with Palmetto Goodwill; one received HVAC certification, the other CDL certification and both now have jobs in those industries and are supporting themselves!

  • Numerous dinners, cookouts, birthday and graduation celebrations for residents.

  • Received a $30K PPP loan that was converted to a grant.

  • Recruited volunteers and college interns to help with mentoring and daily operations.

  • A huge blessing was FSV recently received a combined donation of $250,000 from two incredibly generous donors. We paid off the mortgage on all our homes and are now debt free!

Going forward, we will strive to keep with our success and ensure that our residents continue to focus on our 5 keys to success:

  1. Finding and keeping a job

  2. Learning how to budget their money and set financial goals

  3. Developing a strong support system with our local churches

  4. Learn to have fun (in their free time) God's way

  5. Begin to develop their transition plan the day they arrive at FSV

With your help we have the ability to continue to impact incarcerated lives that are in transition. Together we can help these men with that transition from lost hope to a new life filled with expectations in believing that something good is now in their future. A new hope in looking forward.

FreshStart Visions needs your support to upgrade our facilities, which are in desperate need of repair. Improving and maintaining our homes will also increase the value to our local neighborhood. Will you consider helping us? Here are two options:

1) Become a monthly donor for $25, $50, $100, or any other amount

2) Give a onetime gift.

Your gift of any amount will have the long-term impact of changing someone’s life. We remain grateful for your love, prayers, and support.

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