We are proud to announce,

FreshStart Visions has merged with SHIELD Ministries, Inc.


From left to right: John Ring, Jr., David Truluck, Tim Terry, Amy Haley, Melodie Truluck


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Dear Friends,

We are excited to announce the following news, FreshStart Visions and SHIELD Ministries, Inc. are joining together to create the highest possible standard of excellence in the Christian re-entry process. The boards for FreshStart Visions (FSV) and SHIELD Ministries (SHIELD) have voted to merge these two re-entry organizations, effective May 1, 2022, with FSV coming under SHIELD.


As background, FSV and SHIELD are located 5 miles apart in North Charleston, South Carolina, and both organizations have a deep passion for serving male ex-offenders as they transition from the devastation of their past to a thriving future. This merger will allow us to effectively continue to provide services in our MIT (Men in Transition) pre-release program while enhancing and increasing our post-release services to men.


As founders of both organizations, we are personally excited about the potential of the combined organization; as together we will be stronger, providing more efficient and effective services.  We will provide a larger and stronger core infrastructure, which will improve our outcomes in serving ex-offenders through the Gospel of Christ Jesus. Additionally, this benefits you, our volunteers, donors, and other partners in the implementation and delivery of services.


We have been working together over the past few weeks to further refine and strengthen our current programs.  In support of setting the standard of excellence, we are seeking to expand our pathways along the reentry process; including pre-release programs (MIT in prison), post-release programs which include five pillars of service through crisis stabilization, regulatory compliance, life skills, workforce development, and spiritual development.  Along with our current services we are excited to announce a new area of opportunity through prison intervention, reaching young offenders before they become involved in a cycle of criminogenic behaviors.  This program is scheduled to be released in early June of 2022.


The SHIELD team is excited to be working together and would like to humbly express our appreciation for all of your investments of prayer, giving of time and financial support over the years.  We are asking each of you as current supporters of both ministries to join us in this next, new, and exciting opportunity!  We would love to get to know one another better and would like to invite you to gather with us as we share more about these exciting opportunities.  Please look for an invitation to gather together, coming soon!


In faithful service,


Rev. David M. Truluck                                                       Tim Terry

Executive Director                                                            Founder / Freshstart Visions

(843) 209-7941                                                                   (864) 423-1751

david.truluck@shieldministries.org                                 tim.terry@shieldministries.org